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Contemporary Illustration for Clients
Designing American Illustration for creative clients 

Several thin hues of "Selected Colors" are applied and spray coated, creating the base set-up for textured realism.

For Children's Publishing assignments, many sculptures can be achromatic color schemes, monochromatic or full color, creating a custom feature for all content storyboards.
The finalized version "Develops" a more refined, polished and darker appearance, both in color and texture.

For Children of all ages,..collecting a series of glass domed Cat Sculptures increases the storytelling or narratives that have been shared in every culture as a means of entertainment, education and instilling early moral values.
Skipper © 2019 Bob Zuba 
Fat Cats
Have a Coke
Searching For Peter Rabbit
Internet Santa
Cat Kisses
Harvest Time
Lost Trail
Introducing the "Zubism Cat Prototype" a first or preliminary version of a TOY without color or texture applied or a vehicle from which other forms are developed.

For Picture Book assignments, the use of 3-D sculptures can be added,  evoking  a powerful,  irresistibly  cool  and conceptualized storyline, accompanied with 2-D artworks.

This concept easily transitions itself well into a diverse marketplace, from editorial to advertising agencies.

Love Bug Series
Peter Rabbit © 2019 Bob Zuba
Bottle in Sand
Baby Doll Dreamer
Living Single in Philly
Zubism Cat Prototypes
Monster Fishing